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Maureen Computes Sumware in NJ

Maureen Smiling Hi! I'm Maureen. I run a computer consulting firm called SUMWARE in NJ

Since 1982, SUMWARE has created web sites and customized data base, spreadsheet and word processing applications and trained small, medium and large clients.  Most of all taught the people who are responsible for the web sites or spreadsheet, how to use them and maintain them.

See my resume (which has many links to things I've done and places I've been).

This page points to some of the web sites that I've designed and to things that are important in my life.
See a Courier News piece that mentions our family.

I'm a professor of Computer Information Systems at Union County College in Cranford NJ where I teach both Face-to-Face (F2F) and online courses.

I made the following links for myself and my family but now many of my friends come here finding these useful links:,

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Learning: Tutorials Reference News Medical
Using the Web Search Engines Is It A Hoax? Sites for Kids Watchung
Living:  Send Postcards Go Shopping Travel NYC
Enjoying it:


Quotes e-Charity Jewish Stuff
Creating: Clip Art Midi&Sound Translate  

Since 1982, Sumware in NJ has done web site design and creation and  computer consulting specializing in PC applications, particularly integration of data bases, spreadsheet and word processing.

Being tone deaf and "artistically challenged", I express my creative talents designing web sites for non-profits and friends such as:
Irving Amen a wonderful artist who did my portrait many (many) years ago  

I hope you'll give me some feedback, come back again and tell others.

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