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Hebrew( recommended by Read-the-bible)

Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew
Free online beginning course complete with audio. Very nice!

Hebrew Bible with Audio
Great for devotional reading or practice if you're learning Hebrew. Includes a calendar to find the weekly Torah and Haftorah reading, commentaries and other useful helps.

Readings of the Hebrew Scriptures: Selected Psalms with Audio
More biblical Hebrew devotional material.

Audio CD-based Biblical Hebrew "immersion" course
Click on "Courses" -- there's also a nice sample lesson from the corresponding NT Greek course so you can get the feel for the "look and feel" of how the course works.

Notes and Answers to Exercises
One of my favorite introductory Hebrew textbooks is Biblical Hebrew: A Text and Workbook, by Bonnie Pedrotti Kittel, Vicki Hoffer, and Rebecca Abts Wright (Yale University Press, 1989). Here are notes to accompany the text, answers to the exercises, and some sound files to help you learn pronunciation in the early lessons. I'll be working on these notes for some time; please let me know if they're helpful, or if you have improvements or corrections to suggest.

Biblical Hebrew Grammar Summary
One-page pdf file, courtesy of Mark Wessner.

ZigZagWorld Home Pictures to vocabulary

Akhlah: The Jewish Children's Learning Network. The perfect resource for Jewish Children, Parents and Educators. 
with Akhlah you can learn about the weekly Parsha, Israel, The Hebrew Aleph-Bet, Jewish Holidays, Torah Heroes and you can also hear the Hebrew
Phrase of the Day in Streaming Audio, Color our Coloring pages and have a great time while learning all about Judiasm.
has Hebrew and for letter names

Vocabulary quizzes

Passing Phrase- learn it a phrase at a time

HaReshima - The Jewish Internet Portal
The Jewish Internet Portal has a complete list

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