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Play Music? Your browser doesn't support EMBED, but you can still listen to the background sound of this page by<a href="All%20That%20She%20Wants.mid"> clicking here. </a> The source for search engine marketingSearch Engine Watch The Mining Company - Humans make sure Links are worthwhile
At the Mining Company humans do a thorough job of reviewing a site before it is posted and thus their directory is Tops.
Google Google is new.  And it's very fast if you use its cached pages. Newbie dot Org
suggests search engines by what type of search you are doing

Jeeves second guesses what you are asking.  He will even check your spelling. Jeeves is alot of fun. is the Largest HUMAN edited Directory on the Web!
1,467,520 sites - 21,975 editors - 213,532 categories
AlltheWebAlltheWEB is an up and comer per TIME.
It indexes more pages (2.1 billion!) than any other site
logoThe WWW Virtual Library The Internet Public Library.
The Internet Public Library
Ixquick Metasearch IXQuick is a meta search engine that searches the web, for sites, news, pictures and MP3 too.  It ranks its suggestions and tells you which engines found them. What U Seek uses Macromedia's Flash. Macromedia shockwave.

Hotbot  won the shootout. You can select your language and get only recently updated sites.

Dogpile.comI know what you're thinking, but Dogpile is the next best. Unlike Metacrawler, Dogpile report its results by where it found them and it lets you specify how many results you want and also how long you are willing to wait for them. DogPile can visit even more engines than Metacrawler. Yahoo is really a directory first and a search engine second. It was the first and thus started by using human involvement in putting sites in categories rather than leaving it entirely to a computer. I use Yahoo because there are hundred of ways I can personalize it (What news I see, how much, the weather where and the stock portfolios tracking is the best. There is a Yahoo France, Germany, Japan, and many more. - The Mother of All Search Engines
- A meta searcher that does the web, pictures, sound
Top ten Meta Search engines
Encyclopędia Britannica Online
LII Home Page
Librarians' Index to the Internet
The Nipigon Public Library (in Canada) has a page that lists and comments on most of the Meta Search tools. Altavista is the BIGGEST data base of Web sites. Here it pays to learn how to do Advanced Searches. Altavista is truly international, letting you select sites that are in English or Norwegian or just about any language you can think of! And it has a translator that translates sites or text into or from Spanish, French, German, Italian or Portuguese.
Northern LightNorthern Light was the winner in PC mag's survey of percentage of the net indexed (with 16%!) metasearch, best search engines, top search engines, all in one searchPlanet Search is not well known. It has some interesting features like: the ability for some customization, a yellow pages and white pages and government representatives.
It reports how well the sites match your search criteria as well as when they were last updated and how many wo they each contain.

Metacrawler is the one I start with. It goes to Yahoo, Lycos, Altavista and ... Then it consolidates its answer.
Seek On Seek on
  Pick a Search Engine is Java version of Microsoft Internet Search. Java driven so as your pointer points at a search engine, a brief description pops up - cool. Searches the Web, people & business addresses, News groups, chat, ... Microsoft Internet Start is very different from the rest. Much more useful when you customize the page, which is simple.

Lycos is good because it lets you search for text or pictures or sound or .... It also lets you pick "the TOP 5%" sites whatever that means.

Netscape links many of the sites I do and a few others too LookSmart is a new engine/directory. It is building its directory (like Yahoo) by having sites put their addresses in the right slot rather than leaving it to a dumb computer to categorize.
has a good directory and search capabilities. You can also create a private discussion group.
Excite also lets you do a through job of customizing your Excite opening page. It has maps, stocks, weather, and a reference section with dictionary, zip codes. Their city guide is one of the best. 
Four very useful, utilitarian search engines:

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