Site Choices (from the Millions) that Look Interesting and Safe for Kids

Surfing the Net with Kids syndicated newspaper column rates and reviews fun, educational Web sites for families.Surfing the Net with Kids has lots of eclectic (look it up) topics.  Updates with new stuff regularly.

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Kids Search Engines

My Yahoo!

Surf Net Kids
Surf Net Kids
A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling Web Site

Educational Websites 
From A to Z

etap when ya wanna learn stuff

Molecular Expressions has tutorials and "powers of 10" and lots more

Blue Web'n GraphicBlueweb has References, Lesson Plans, Tutorials, Web Based Activities &  Projects

Yahooligans...the kid's Yahoo an almost guarantee that you'll be directed to safe and useful sites.
...the kid's Yahoo an almost guarantee that you'll be directed to safe and useful sites. Why work hard when Yahoo has accumulated and categorized many, many sites for children of all ages. Yahoo! Site for Kids. All screened for good healthy content

Lycos's  fun area for Kids

type 1 Minute mysteries to solve

Set Game  a new one each day.  Find 6 sets of three.  It's not as easy as it sounds.

Weekly Reader
has things from the magazine and more

How things works explains how many computer things work
How things works explains how many computer things work

lightbulbInventors & Inventions

AJ Kids
was rated tops by
Children's Software Review

Library Spot
Washington Post Photos

Harry Potter
here they are, all your favorites and more!

Social Studies for Kids  Glossaries•Ancient Civilizations
US History•World History

is packed full of stuff and if you run out there are great links

The U.S. House Of Representatives Links to Educational Resources
The U.S. House of Representatives
Educational Resources

Absurd Math
Absurd Math
- 4 fun episodes
for Rugrats and much more

Figure This!
Figure this
has a few dozen fun challenges with answers.
This Interactive Nano-Visualization in Science and Engineering Education (IN-VSEE) project will create a consortium of university and industry scientists, community college and high school science faculty and museum educators with a common vision of creating an interactive World Wide Web (WWW) site to develop a new educational thrust based on remote operation of advanced microscopes and nanofabrication tools coupled to powerful surface characterization methods.
Learn about science at this interactive site

Book Adventure

UK Science museum
has headlines and archives

Alan Cooper is a pretty interesting guy and Homonyms are just one of his many many interests


Navigation Bar
Ben's US Government for Kids
A little dry but very comprehensive and easy to use
MathStories.comTM Cyberkids Home
Science Monster (lots about space)
Fractal art Fractals
Click here to find out more!
Mamamedia is just for kids
Ratio skateboard
It Figures looks fun.
Thomas Edison, 1878T
he Edison site -lots to do, lots to learn
kids' almanac
Info Please Kids' Almanac
- Almanacs, Dictionary, and Encyclopedia!


Trivial Facts
in many categories

Vocabulary Fun

Zeeks has a good free kid's cyber Filter 
as does Surf Money has hours and hours of sites of learning, some at the kids level.
Questcon is a HIGHLY Interactive site brought to you by the Australian Science Center (with an area for teachers). There are super illusions and Puzzles.
YouthLineUSA is a Newspaper.  It also has short biographies of the current famous and shockwave games. HeadBone  
has great CD's software
 & fun online.

Bill Nye
's site uses Macromedia Flash - Highly interactive. 


Lot's of Noise, Lot's of quizzes, Lots of fun!
Brain Pop
is a very Noisy and very fun way to learn stuff
An exhibit from the Musée de l'Homme (Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle) Paris - France
6 billion Human Beings is in English or French.  Requires Shockwave, which you can download from the site.  Incredible interactive learning opportunity on world population.

The History Channel

The history channel sponsors this site. It's fun to see what happened on today's date in past years. Or enter the day were born, or that Mom was born, or the day your buddy was born, and find interesting things that happened on that date in history.

Studyworks! Online
Study Works
has lots puzzles.
Great Thinkers page
Great Thinkers and Visionaries page
Internet Learning Network - Math & Science Quizzes

Only Clean Humor

Phrase Origins Index


Old Sturbridge Village
we love to visit there by taking the car and it is fun to visit on the web whether you've actually spent some time at the real village or not.  Learn about how life was in the 1820's..

Jelly Belly has neat stuff along with the sales hype and you can get it in 14 languages (practice your French and Spanish kids)

COMICS Seattle Post Intelligencer brings us comics and great GAMES

BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper
BJ Homework Helper is created by a 13 year old who started this 3 years ago and now is sponsored by the Discovery Channel! (inspiration for us all!)

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